Toilet Bowl Cleaning Tablets - 2ct - up & up

Toilet Bowl Cleaning Tablets - 2ct - up & up

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  • Pack includes 2 toilet cleaning tablets
  • Kills 99.9% of common household germs
  • Sanitizes, cleans and eliminates stains and odors
  • Recyclable toilet tablets are environmentally friendly
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Specifications

    Scent: Clean
    Product Warning: Contains corrosive ingredients, seek medical help if product is swallowed, product can cause irreversible eye damage, wash contaminated clothing after handling, keep out of reach of animals, wear protective gloves when handling, avoid contact with skin, seek medical help if product is inhaled, keep out of reach of children, keep out of eyes, wash hands with soap and water after handling
    Capacity (Volume): 7 Ounces
    Product Form: Tablet
    Sustainability Claims: Recyclable
    Recommended Surface Application: Porcelain
    Product Results: Cleaner, Eliminates Odors, Sanitizes, Eliminates Stains
    Recommended Product Application: Toilet


    The Toilet Bowl Cleaning Tablets from up & up™ provide an easy and efficient way to keep your toilet clean. The pack of toilet cleaning tablets contains two tablets — simply drop one into your toilet, leave and flush for a clean bowl. The toilet bowl cleaning tablets sanitize the water after each flush, leaving your toilet clean and free of germs.

    The longevity of this product is dependent on a variety of factors, including the characteristics of tap water and the frequency with which the toilet will be flushed. This product can sanitize and clean for over 3 months.
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