Dryer Sheets Fresh Linen - 250ct - up & up

Dryer Sheets Fresh Linen - 250ct - up & up

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  • Dryer sheets help keep clothes softer, wrinkle-free and reduce static cling
  • Easy-use application makes laundry day a breeze
  • Crisp linen fragrance leaves laundry smelling fresh
  • Pack includes 250 sheets
  • Specifications

    Scent: Linen
    Health Facts: Dye-Free, Aluminum-Free, Paraben-Free
    Product Warning: Keep out of reach of children
    Product Form: Sheet
    Package Quantity: 250


    The Fresh Linen Dryer Sheets from up & up™ prevent your laundry from wrinkles and help keep it soft. Easy to use, these dryer sheets help make your clothes feel softer and keep them wrinkle-free while reducing static cling. Plus, the crisp linen fragrance makes your laundry smell as good as it looks. Simply toss a sheet on top of the wet clothes before starting the dryer to experience softness like never before.